Presto Mobile Bathroom

The Presto Slimline

The Prestos mobile bathroom is a compact version of the full size 5 Star mobile bathroom.

It has all the luxury features the full size Preston Bathroom.
The Presto Slimline is designed for extra flexibility. This transportable bathroom can be easily positioned in places the full size units just can’t get to.

The Presto Slimline is simply pushed through carports and garages into back yards. The only requirement is that a smooth solid pavement is needed to manipulate the bathroom.

Slimline Portable Bathroom Dimensions

The Presto Slimline has a pop-up roof and very compact dimensions

  • internal : 1800L x 900W x 2500H (roof extended)
  • external : 2200L x 1000W x 2100H (roof closed)

Slimline Portable Bathroom Installation

Installation of the Slimline Presto is easy as 1, 2, 3:

  • Connect to your water source (house tap or tank)
  • Connect to your power supply (2 x 10 A power points)
  • Connect the unit to your waste disposal point (sewer outlet or holding tank)

Then enjoy the luxury of your new portable bathroom.

Available in Brisbane, Adelaide, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast

Presto Mobile Bathroom

  • The Presto Luxury mobile bathrooms are designed for tight access.
  • The roof is a pop up which means if the mobile bathroom was to be positioned behind a house or alongside a shed it’s smaller compact dimensions allow for it to be rolled into position
  • Complete with toilet, shower, vanity
  • Easy access, easy clean. Large dressing area.
  • Clean. No smelly tanks. No pump out fees. 50 metres to drain.
  • Design awards.